Tips for Icing your Foot or Lower Leg at Work

ImageIf you have an ankle or foot injury most likely your physician has you icing a few times a day.

Here are some tips to help you be compliant with your icing instructions.

  • Keep Ice Gel packs available at home and at work. The more ice gel packs you have available, the more likely you’ll be to ice.
  • Ice as instructed by your doctor. However, do not ice more than 10 or 15 minutes in order to prevent frostbite or ice burns.
  • You can mix your own ice packs. All you need is heavy-duty ziplock bags, rubbing alcohol and water. Mix a ratio of one cup of water per one cup or rubbing alcohol in a ziplock bag. When it freezes it makes a slushy. For added points add some blue food coloring to make your very own ice gel packs.
  • You can use rubber-bands or a strap to secure the gel pack to your foot or leg while you ice, freeing you from holding the ice pack to your leg or foot and continue working.

Make sure to follow all of your doctor’s orders. Icing is very important it slows inflammation and swelling, and since it numbs the area it helps with temporary relief of pain. It “acts to slow down metabolism at the injury site, so your body can begin healing itself more quickly. Ice also acts as an analgesic to slow down and block pain impulses.”


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